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How to Make a Tree Sculpture

A firm foundation for Paper Mache

❶Lay the strip onto the chicken wire frame and wrap it so that it lays as flat as possible.

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It is going to help you determine the amount of chicken wire and paper mache you need and you will not get lost or confused during the project if you make a plan first. Chicken wire comes in square feet. Use a rough sketch to measure the amount of wire you are going to need.

Buy the chicken wire. It is time to build the skeleton for the project. Put on your gloves. Take reference from your sketch and start making out the structure. Use wire cutters to cut out wires wherever needed. Where you need to join different ends, simple bent them into each other, twisting to make a strong knot. If you have sharp ends left out, bend them inside the structure so that they do not simply stick out.

The wire is pretty flexible and you can make a solid strong structure by twisting the parts into one another. Once you have the structure made, start applying paper mache on it. The mache is created by mixing newspapers, flour and water. The first layer will not stick so eagerly so use paper tape. After the first layer is securely deposited, the other ones will adhere to each other easily. You can see it here. Jonni, i know what you mean about the slippery slope tward oldlady hood.

I think I used to be known as the old lady with the cats. Now I only have two! Maggie, La Grande is a bit too far from Portland to really fit your description. But I lived there before I moved here. Sorry, I thought I read somewhere on your site that you were in Portland. And, you are welcome. I just had to tell everyone that will listen about this site! She has a brand new grandbaby — congratulations, Maggie! Correction… a brand new great-grandbaby! I think I'm going to try it out though.

I've started hoarding supplies in my room already. My mom thinks I'm crazy. I'm looking more closely at the Kitty now to see what I can do with it. I'm trying to invision what it can be: It will give you a start of the feel of things.

Ask me how I know. Hello there, your site is amazing, and while this comment has nothing to do with chickens or wire, although I did have two little chickens as pets when I was younger good times: Anyway to the point, I was cleaning out my closet and I found this old robo-cat toy that my father bought for me when I was younger.

I was wondering what your thoughts would be if I used that toy as the base armature for a paper mache sculpture of a house cat or a lion or something like that? LOL The cat is adorable. Lizards, hornedtoads and if I caught an owl if was in hog heaven. LOL With all the different shapes on this one it would be a little hard to do but not impossible. I would hate to see the original ruiened but it you did it that way it would take some special finishing work with small tools to make the shapes.

Definately would be a challange. If not to hard it will just take a lot of detail carving. Cute as can be. She has a wonderful site. Joyce, the whole point of this community is to get as many ideas spread around as possible. When we share ideas, everyone benefits.

Not that I know that much but if everyone puts a drop of water in a bucket it can get full fast. Humm Have to think about that. LOL I have never used the coated chicken wire but use the vinal in 4ft fencing. I like it a lot.

As for the chicken wire I use the avairy wire as it is smaller. I never use gloves. Tried just like I try wearing a hat. They always look good on a fence post though.

I lay the wire down upside down and walk on it and pull it up as I unroll. Not easy but works. I had bought it to make fish frames for the small hedge to grow into. You know those clay tools that end in a long metal tip? I am very interested in vinyl-coated chicken wire. Does it come rolled up like chicken wire?

If so, is it easier to roll out flat? Yes, the vinyl-coated chicken wire also tries to curl back up into a roll, but it does seem to behave a little better than the regular kind. I bend it backwards against the roll to straighten it out a bit.

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Making a life-sized paper mache tree from chicken wire is a time consuming process, but one which is both fun and rewarding. Making your own tree is a great way to achieve just the right look for a scary Halloween tree, a palm tree or trees for the set of play.

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Make the drawing: Make a plan of what you want to achieve. Make a sketch of the sculpture you want to make with the dimensions and shape. It is going to help you determine the amount of chicken wire and paper mache you need and you will not get lost or confused during the project if you make a plan first.

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Paper mache is mostly used for creating the main frame of a sculpture, but the chicken wire sets the foundation to hold the entire body in shape. Basically, the chicken wire is the skeleton of the sculpture, while the paper mache will be the flesh. paper mache tree - image only, I didn't see a good link. Tree made from chicken wire, paper mâché and burlap. Would make a nice tree trunk for a class musical. Alternate tree idea, could built up from flame frame LANCE CARDINAL: INTO THE WOODS - SET DESIGN See more.

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Jules Madden: The Completed Paper Mache Tree Project! Find this Pin and more on Kali room by Denise Bell-Turner. So happy to be sharing the completed Paper Mache Tree project! mainly because I start projects but then get. 35 thoughts on “ Great Chicken Wire for Paper Mache Armatures ” Sydney. Aug 23, Hello Jonni! For a paper mache tree that would be the size of an indoor Christmas tree. Would I need chicken wire as an armature or would cardboard suffice? Thank you for all your help and inspiration!-Sydney. Jonni Good.