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Food inc Essay

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❶If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. In the 21 st century, most people have become more concerned with the effect of genetically modified foods and the risks that they pose to the human body and the environment.

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A lot of these companies are injecting hormones in these animals to speed up the growth process. Where before a chicken life span was around 80 days, with this hormone being injected it knocks about 20 days off now.

The faster the chicken grows, the more chicken can be produce at a faster rate. Mention in the film is that McDonalds is one of the largest purchasers of ground beef, potatoes, pork, lettuce and tomatoes. When they decided to make things easier their menu and hire employees that repeated one task over and over for minimum wage, the result was the fast food occurrence that cleaned the United States. As long as people continue to eat meat that is not properly raised or properly killed we will continue to have the problem of how food is produced.

The industry does not want you to know what you are eating. So they will sell you this dream that everything is farm raised, when in reality their feeding cows corn that produces infections, giving chickens hormone injections to speed up growth process. There are ways food can be produced without all of the extra stuff. Salatin does his farming and killing outside. People have tried to get him shut down saying the way he produced chicken was not sanitary, but yet other companied that do produce meat has had infected meat even with them being in a factory.

This says a lot; people do want quality produced food. Instead of a pastoral farm, products such as meat are actually processed in a huge industrial slaughter house. Hundreds, if not thousands of cow carcasses are transferred using a conveyor belt inside a factory-like slaughter house. Cows are likewise fed with corn despite the fact that this is not their natural food. This is done by the company because of the cheap cost of corn and at the same time it speeds up their development.

Alternately, chickens are raised in cramped chicken houses where they are given growth hormones so that they will develop faster and ready for production. These chickens are similarly cramped by the thousands where they neither see nor feel the sunlight. What is even more interesting to point out is that these products are not properly labeled by the companies. Instead, consumers are given the false idea about how it is produced. This is underlined in the story of Barbara Kowalcyk. Barbara talks about her advocacy regarding food safety and how the death of her 2-year old son from E-coli pushed her to lobby to the US Congress to pass a legislation for stricter and more effective USDA food testing regulation.

This part of the documentary gives us an insight of the negative impact of mass produced animal products. The narrator also states how once these jobs were seen as the best jobs in the country and now they are struggling to get by.

He uses real life experiences and facts to open the eyes of his viewers and is successful in doing so. Once again correspondence plays a big role in this documentary to show the footprints left behind by these companies.

We will write a custom essay sample on Food Inc. Kenner shows footage of people speaking out, who have lost their loved ones due to illnesses they have gained from the infected product, which may have been avoided if not for the unethical procedures used to manufacture it. He also shows statistics of the dangers in genetically modified organisms and how they surround us making us more aware of what it is we are eating.

One of the main aspects to the documentary that makes it so successful is that Keener gives alternatives. Throughout the documentary the viewers are asking themselves what can they do and he answers this. He shows the benefits to organic foods and the prosperity in farms independent from the big corporations.

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Essay on Analysis of the Documentary Food Inc by Karl Weber Fast food has become an norm in America. Martinez 2 Figure 1: Fast food pyramid This pyramid shows as an example of how the everyday consumer is treating fast food as their daily food resource.

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Food Inc. is a documentary directed by Robert Kenner targeted towards the general public about the ugly truths behind the food industries. The documentary outlines the procedures taken to process the food that surrounds us, with the aim to expose and change the basis, footprints, and corruption behind this process. Food Inc Essay America’s way of eating and growing food has evolved more in the past 50 years than the previous 10, years. Which is shocking to me, upon learning how this happened and the consequences of this happening, needless to say I w as really upset.

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Essay on Food Inc - Rhetorical Analysis Words | 6 Pages. Rhetorical Analysis – Food Inc. ‘Food Inc’, is an informative, albeit slightly biased, documentary that attempts to expose the commercialisation and monopolisation of the greater food industry. Food, Inc is a film that lets people in on the food production in American. The film opens up in a grocery store, which has pictures of farmers giving you the idea that the food you are going to purchase is farm raised.