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What to Consider With LMU Application Writing Prompt

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Good Responses to LMU Essay Prompts Can Improve Your Chances
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What does it mean to "embrace that journey of becoming yourself? Is there anything, besides a college degree, that you think is important for you to experience or learn during your college career? What will you have to do to experience them?

Are there risks involved? Do you think God has a plan for you? What do you have to do to identify what that plan is? Speaking about education, Dr. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education. King suggests that critical thinking results in our ability to inform intelligence with character, and strengthen character with intelligence. Please talk about a situation that demanded critical thinking from you, and how your choices or decisions integrated intelligence and character.

A good start is to think about the difference between thinking intensively and thinking critically. Do you know the difference?

If not, head over to www. What made this situation, or the choice you had to make, so difficult? Looking back, do you think you made the right choice? Are you proud of what you did? Why or why not? What do you think Fr. Arrupe meant when he said this? Please give an example of someone you know, other than your teachers and parents, who works for justice for the least of their neighbors.

Who is someone that, if they asked you to donate your kidney to save his or her life, you would consider doing it? Is there a person or a type of person for whom you would not consider doing do this?

What is the difference between those two people? Do you think he means just good people, or people who go to church, or people who seem to deserve the help? Have you personally witnessed a person helping the least of his or her neighbors, something that was really memorable to you? How did this impact you? Are you any different today as a result of witnessing this? In college, you're going to pushed to think hard, not just to get your assignments done.

That's why LMU has prompts like this—to see who's ready to embrace the exercise of thinking about difficult questions and answering them thoughtfully. The key lesson here is to think before you write. To fill out the application u are suppose to use the Common Application but i saw other prompts for the school. These applications are sometimes done through the common app website, and sometimes sent separately. Check online, and if you see that it does have one, do it.

If you can't find one on the website, or it says that there is none, then call to be sure - since you don't want to not get in because you forgot a word essay about who you'd have tea with or something. The USD example doesn't appear to be specifically asking for religion at all. The LMU question is much more complex.

Religion might be appropriate for some of it, but much of it has nothing to do with religion, such as the bit about critical thinking. As for your example, I'm completely confounded as to which question you think that would be a good answer for, and thus I really cannot evaluate it. For the best answers, search on this site https: You should write how much value you will add to the community when you have got an education in academics and in Christian values.

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How many colleges did you apply to? Is a liberal arts degree better than no degree?

Best Response to LMU Essay Prompt

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Personal Essay Prompt Instructions: Write a short essay (no more than words) answering the following prompt: Please evaluate why you have selected your summer program of choice and explain how you think attending summer programs at LMU will assist you with your future educational or .

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Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why. Please briefly state your reason for wishing to attend LMU and/or how you came to select your major. ( words) You’ve probably seen this before: the why essay. Clocking in at words, LMU’s take on this classic prompt is on the long side.

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Loyola Marymount University is a medium-sized, 4-year, private university. This coed college is located in a very large city in a suburban setting and is primarily a residential campus. It offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. The LMU prompts are asking you to comment on other peoples' statements, and in the case of prompt #3, to actually describe another person's actions in the essay. But remember, a college is always looking to learn more about you, your thoughts, your personality, your priorities.

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Good Responses to LMU Essay Prompts Can Improve Your Chances The following is an LMU essay prompt example: “Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution, or experience that is important to you. We are excited that you are considering LMU. As one of the top comprehensive universities in the country, we are committed to helping students develop the knowledge and skills required to compete in the 21st century. To apply for admission, submit the Common Application (online) or submit the LMU online application.